More plotting at the allotments

I had a back-breaking morning at the allotment today. The mustard yellow shed has inspired me to get some other jobs done that I’ve been wanting to do for ages, one of which was to remove all the stones and weed matting. Never, ever put weed matting and stones down. Weed matting is just awful stuff that the weeds do eventually penetrate and because it’s plastic and doesn’t break down it ends up looking awful.

This is how it looked on our plot:


Stones are equally problematic because they don’t break down either and end up getting dirt mixed in with them. Today, I removed the stones and the weed matting and replaced them with bark. The nice thing about bark is you can instantly freshen it up by putting more bark on top. It took lots of wheelbarrow loads to get it like this.


The allotment provides bark and mulch which any plotters can help themselves to. These are topped up regularly by the city council who dump bark from tree removal there. Bark is also nicer to walk on and even sit on. For the first time since we got the plot I actually enjoyed sitting and relaxing there.

It’s starting to look so nice.


Unfortunately, our neighbour on the left has been completely absent and their plot is overrun with weeds. It’s annoying because the weeds grow through the fence from their plot onto ours and I spend the most time on that boundary trying to stem the spread. I’m surprised they haven’t been asked to relinquish their plot.


One of the best plots is this one which someone has clearly put a lot of work into. It looks very inviting.