More pics of Glencoe

The last time I was in Glencoe was more than 20 years ago and I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. Unlike the east coast of Scotland the mountains here are rugged and domineering and make one feel small and insignificant which is comforting.

April is a wonderful time of year to tour Scotland because there’s often snow on the mountains and the snow makes them look taller and more majestic. It’s also quieter with fewer tourists on the roads.

I love these next two photos of the kids.





My mother and step-father are visiting from Australia.



About 10 minutes by car east of Glencoe is a waterfall. If I’d brought my bathers I may have gone swimming.


There’s a tiny little house next to Loch Achtriochtan and at the foot of the mountains. I would be too scared to live there because of the landslip risk although the house looks old so I don’t think the risk is very high. They certainly have a nice view from their house.


4 Replies to “More pics of Glencoe”

  1. Ive always wanted to visit. I like the idea of coming in April with less tourist. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I like Elizabeth’s honeycomb jumper. I had one when I was a child, and a kilt even though no Scottish connection at all. You are right those mountains are awe inspiring.

    1. It’s such a lovely warm jumper. I have a similar one but for adults and if it’s really cold outside that’s the one I reach for.

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