Accessorising with snow

It was snowing when I dropped the kids at school today. I love it when it snows. Snow is not wet like rain and this morning I discovered it makes a nice hair accessory.


As you can see I’m holding a Doctor Who magazine – there’s a story behind this. We gifted Daniel a subscription to Doctor Who Adventures for his birthday but I stuffed up and accidentally subscribed to the adult version. There was much gnashing of teeth from him when he realised he must wait even longer for his first magazine with free gift to show up. I think he’s more interested in the free gift. I was able to switch my subscription over to the children’s version except that it’s much cheaper and so we’ve had to subscribe to it for four years now!

It’s still cold but the days are getting longer and it’s time to start planting seeds for spring. Elizabeth planted some sweet peas a week or so ago and they’re doing nicely.


I’m not sure how long they’ll be able to survive in little pots but I can’t plant them outside until April or May.

1 thought on “Accessorising with snow”

  1. Lovely photo of you Rachel…the snow accessory becomes you 🙂 The free gifts to magazine subscriptions always went down well with my kids. I love sweet peas, mine grew well last year but I cheated and bought them already a few inches high in the spring. I hope Elizabeth’s grow well this year.

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