How to keep your feet warm in winter

I get cold feet. I’ve tried lots of things like wearing thick socks and sometimes two layers of socks. I have lots of good winter boots but still I get cold feet. This afternoon I had cold feet and decided to crochet myself a pair of leg warmers. I haven’t owned leg warmers since the 1980s when they were fashionable thanks to the movie Flashdance.

I finished my leg warmers, put them on, and within 10 minutes my feet were warm. Amazing! I was so focused on my feet that I didn’t think about my ankles. Keep your ankles warm and your feet will probably be warm too. Why didn’t I think of this before?


12 responses to “How to keep your feet warm in winter”

  1. They’re so cute!
    I get cold extremities too. Though for some reason I haven’t been able to handle wearing my slippers this year. Inside I mostly go bare foot, just because I like it even if me feet are cold. Maybe I need leg warmers to keep my ankles warm then I can still wear no shoes

    1. You definitely need leg warmers if you’re not going to wear slippers. Just the thought of going bare foot makes me shiver 🙂

      1. I wear socks sometimes if I’m sitting down. I don’t know, I have ugg slippers, and they feel so huge and clumsy.

      2. It’s coming into summer now for us, but next year I’m definitely going to have to make some leg warmers!

  2. Haven’t thought about the cold feet~ankles/legs connection, but so true. I still have some leg warmers my grandma knit me for sentimental reasons, but didn’t use them for the last 10 years. Maybe I should get them out this winter.

    1. Oh how wonderful to have 10-year-old leg warmers knitted by your grandmother! They’re the best kind. I’m sure it’ll make a big difference.

  3. Do you get this with your hands as well when you cycle? I’d been annoyed by the tight cuffs on my new jacket until it got cold and i realised it was to keep my wrists warm.
    I like the colours on your leg warmers.

    1. I do get cold hands although it hasn’t been a problem this winter so far because it hasn’t been that cold yet. My hands don’t bother me has much as having cold feet for some reason.

  4. I’m bad at remembering to wear socks in the winter. But few times I remembered, I wrote socks and never felt like taking them off 🙂

    Your ankle warmers look cool. Superb cool that you crocheted them yourself!

    1. Thanks, Chait! I used to crochet a lot more but I don’t have much time these days.

  5. Cold feet..warm heart…(or is that cold hands, warm heart) either way my feet are always cold…even in the summer probably because the AC is always on….

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