Sticky poo on my new shoes

A very kind person solved my tap problem by posting the missing part through my letterbox this morning. Thank you so much! It was particularly fortunate because I later stepped in dog poo and the hose made the cleaning up much easier than it would have otherwise been. It turns out the plumber did not install a non-standard tap. I’m just a moron 🙂

I’ve been wearing my new purple boots non-stop every day since I got them. Ben refused to let me wear them to bed though. Not fair! They have been supremely comfortable and still no blisters or anything. My only complaint is that they’re not dog-poo-proof. I stepped in a particularly sticky and fresh dog turd today and, as always with the bad ones, I smelt it before I saw it. The grooves are so deep on the bottom that I had to use Ben’s toothbrush to get rid of it all.


The next shot is *after* scraping off most of it with a stick (and before using Ben’s toothbrush).




3 Replies to “Sticky poo on my new shoes”

  1. Rachel, honey, I LOVE reading about everything you post but I must request that you at least give me a head’s up of what images are coming if they contain poop. Reading about is fine but I can’t un-see the bottom of the boot picture. Even so, you always brighten my day and I especially loved that you used Ben”s toothbrush haha. : )

    1. Haha ok, I’ll remember that next time I post pics of poo. When I look at that photo I can almost smell it. Just be glad the smell isn’t published with the photo.

  2. I hope Ben cleans his toothbrush well or else he’ll have dog’s turd breath. My sympathies to you for treading in dog’s turd. Just awful! And in your lovely new shoes too!

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