Hemp milk

I’ve been feeling really irritable this week for no apparent reason. I couldn’t figure it out but recently I decided to give up chocolate and other sugary things. Maybe I’ve been suffering from withdrawal symptoms? This morning I decided to do the only thing I knew would help: I cycled out to Newton Dee to stock up on my favourite chocolate. Two bars have since been consumed and I’m feeling much better 🙂

While I was walking through the Newton Dee grocery store I spotted a carton of hemp milk. It’s made by a British family using the seeds from hemp grown in Devon. How fantastic is that? It doesn’t require any pesticides, sucks up heaps of CO2, and is high in omega 3. I naturally bought some and it’s delicious. I’m now a big fan and who knows, it may even replace soy milk in our household.

I saw the postman today for the first time since the hair lice incident. I only see him when he has a package which is too big for our letterbox but I’ve been wanting to explain why I reeked of gin at 11am on a Monday morning. So this morning I finally got to explain that I’d put it in my hair; I didn’t drink any of it. I think he now thinks I’m even more nuts than I was before.