Hemp milk

I’ve been feeling really irritable this week for no apparent reason. I couldn’t figure it out but recently I decided to give up chocolate and other sugary things. Maybe I’ve been suffering from withdrawal symptoms? This morning I decided to do the only thing I knew would help: I cycled out to Newton Dee to stock up on my favourite chocolate. Two bars have since been consumed and I’m feeling much better 🙂

While I was walking through the Newton Dee grocery store I spotted a carton of hemp milk. It’s made by a British family using the seeds from hemp grown in Devon. How fantastic is that? It doesn’t require any pesticides, sucks up heaps of CO2, and is high in omega 3. I naturally bought some and it’s delicious. I’m now a big fan and who knows, it may even replace soy milk in our household.

I saw the postman today for the first time since the hair lice incident. I only see him when he has a package which is too big for our letterbox but I’ve been wanting to explain why I reeked of gin at 11am on a Monday morning. So this morning I finally got to explain that I’d put it in my hair; I didn’t drink any of it. I think he now thinks I’m even more nuts than I was before.

8 responses to “Hemp milk”

  1. Wish I’d known about gin in the old days. Was so difficult to get rid of the little blighters from my daughter’s thick, curly hair. Those metal combs, Nitty Gritty, were the ones that worked in the (very) end.
    I’ve not seen hemp milk but will try it if I do – I like non-dairy milks, but to be honest would have been a bit scared of trying hemp without the recommendation.

    1. Oh I hate hair lice those combs. They’re so hard to use on thick hair. How did you manage it? It must have taken forever.

  2. Funny about the postman. 🙂 I’ve never heard of hemp milk but will see if I can find it. Sounds interesting.

    1. I had a little search and can’t see hemp milk in Australia then I saw this article – although it’s a couple of years old now –


  3. I knew hemp was made into fabric but I’d never heard of hemp milk. Sounds interesting, I’ll have to look out for that.
    I’ve got a chocolate habit… but here’s a tip: when you next stop eating it, treat it as a drug and ‘withdraw’ from it slowly. It contains (amongst other things) caffeine, which is why abstinence made you irritable.

    1. Very good tip, thank you! Everything in moderation is a good one too. Next time I’ll just scale down the chocolate rather than going cold turkey 🙂

      Hemp seeds are apparently an excellent source of food too because they’re so nutritious. I hope you can find some hemp milk.

  4. I have been persuaded by recent science of the unmitigated evil of too much sugar, so now avoid sugar and anything with added sugar. Coco powder lacks it. Just blend it into your hemp milk! Non-dutched is best nutritionally, although it’s an acquired taste (very slightly bitter).

    1. Sugar is bad and the clincher for me was learning about its impact on ageing. I’m in my 40s now and suddenly self-conscious of wrinkles and so I thought I’d help myself out a bit by drastically reducing my sugar intake. I don’t have a huge amount of sugar anyway because I don’t drink alcohol, orange juice, or fizzy drinks, but I’m a sucker for chocolate.

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