The gin verdict

This might be a little premature because I haven’t finished the treatment but so far, gin seems to be working well as a weapon against hair lice. I treated Elizabeth’s and my own hair twice last week. Then I did it again earlier this week, but just the once. I’ve been inspecting Elizabeth’s hair and haven’t seen anything there for well over a week now. I’ll treat it one more time with gin next week and hopefully that will be the end of it but I’ll keep you posted!

I picked the first kale from my garden today and we cooked it in a curry for dinner. It looks so fresh and green. I haven’t sprayed it with any pesticides.



4 responses to “The gin verdict”

  1. Glad to hear the gin seems to be working. 🙂
    And your home grown kale looks really good, as does your curry. 🙂

  2. The Kale and curry look great! And oh – how I feel for you having to deal with head lice. I worked for a while in my early twenties as a nursery nurse and had to deal with this a lot, there, but at the time there was no gin, only a nit-comb. Not sure the nursery’s matron would have allowed us to use gin (though I dare say she’d have been happy to drink it instead!)

  3. Blessed be the gin 🙂

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