Snow in Aberdeen!

Last night I decided we were going to book a car today and drive in search of some snow. But when I woke up and looked out our bedroom window this is what I saw:


Finally the snow has come to Aberdeen. Yay!

The summer house in our backyard:


I think the gnome in our garden thought it was pretty cool too:


Busby is also a fan of snow:


There was only one thing to do: get the toboggan and head to the park.




A selfie:


Duthie park is always beautiful but it’s particularly nice in the snow.



It’s not very cold so I’m not sure how long it will last but it has just started snowing again now so I’m hopeful we may have it for a couple of days.

9 Replies to “Snow in Aberdeen!”

  1. Wow amazing. Looks fantastic. Hope the snowing lasts a bit longer until you are fed up with it.

    Even nature doesn’t want you to drive a car, Rachel. Albeit an electric one πŸ˜€

  2. We have a toboggan like that, bought just after the last snow, but have never used it! No snow since then!

    1. We have three πŸ™‚ We kept going away on holiday in NZ and forgetting to take the toboggan with us and having to buy another.

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