The sun came out

Daniel said to me yesterday as we were cycling home, “Why is it sunny? It’s not usually like this”. I laughed so much I nearly crashed into a parked car. It has been a particularly dark winter this year with lots and lots of rain and even flooding. However I don’t mind the dark at all. In fact, I prefer this to bright and sunny. My favourite type of day is overcast but not raining. I have fair skin and my eyes are sensitive to bright lighting. It must be my vampire ancestry 🙂

I recently watched this Pedal on Parliament video called Katie Cycles to School. It’s a cartoon to promote safe cycle paths in Scottish cities. As I watched it I couldn’t help thinking they were pitching it at a very low level. But maybe that’s what we have to do to get politicians to build cycling infrastructure. The benefits are so obvious to me and so far-reaching, stretching into health care benefits, improvements in air quality, reduced congestion, reduced carbon emissions, improved well-being. Why aren’t we jumping at the opportunity to have all of these things? If we need to spell it out simply in a children’s cartoon to get the message through, then so be it. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the video is good and I totally support Pedal on Parliament.