The Bullitt Cargo Bike

Yesterday I went into town because it’s Elizabeth’s birthday on New Year’s Eve and I had to get her a present. She wants a skipping rope which was easy and didn’t break the bank. I got her a few other things too. As I was loading the loot into Busby another cargo bike pulled up beside mine: a Bullitt. I’ve heard lots of good things about these bikes.


They’re supposedly the fastest and lightest cargo bikes you can get. The framekit weighs only 11.5kg. I asked the fellow whether I could try lifting his bike to see how heavy it was and it was incredibly light. I would be able to carry a Bullitt up stairs which is not something I can do with Busby. The fellow was young and didn’t look like he was using his bike to carry kids around so I asked him what he used it for. He said he likes having the space to carry things around but primarily it’s for his dog, a Jack Russell, who apparently loves sitting in the box up front.

There are now four cargo bikes in Aberdeen that I’m aware of: Busby, the Bullitt, The Urban Arrow, and a Babboe Cargo bike.

Bullitt cargo bikes are made in Denmark by a company called Larry vs Harry. Here’s one of the owners/cofounders talking about his bike. I love how he says a company that drives around in an SUV is sending the wrong signals to their potential customers and I completely agree.

It’s probably just as well I haven’t bought a new bike because I can’t make up my mind which one I want 🙂

5 Replies to “The Bullitt Cargo Bike”

  1. I wish we lived in a society like this, using bikes as alternative to cars. Great video.

  2. Looks pretty cool (like your blog page style)

    1. They start from £2130 for the most basic version and this doesn’t include the box on the front or seats for the kids.

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