Incompetence at BT

A week ago I wrote about how BT emailed me to say they were sorry to see me go and that because I had cancelled my contract early I would be charged. I was a bit confused at the time because I had never cancelled my account and nor did I wish to cancel my account. I rang then and spoke with several different people the last of whom assured me that my account would not be cancelled and that I would not be charged for this phantom cancellation.

Today I received my bill and it is over £200 because it includes a cancellation fee. So I rang them again to explain that this is a mistake that I haven’t cancelled my account, that I don’t wish to cancel my account and that both my landline and the broadband are still up and running. The person I spoke to didn’t seem to believe me and kept saying my account was closed. I asked her how I could be using my phone to ring her if the account was closed and she said I must be with another provider. So she asked me to hang up and she would ring me back on my mobile so I could ring 150 on my landline to find out who the service was with. I rang 150 and it said, “Welcome to BT”. So then she said I should ring faults because it was likely a fault with the line.

By this stage I was losing my patience and I said there’s no fault with the line; it’s working perfectly. This is a billing issue and can you please sort it out and ring me back when it has been fixed. Now it seems they’re going to create an entirely new account and send out another hub even though the one we have works perfectly well. We don’t want another hub. What a colossal waste!

Not once has a single person apologised and there’s been no guarantee that we won’t lose our internet connection during this ridiculous process. I know that people make mistakes and that large software billing systems have bugs which can create issues like these, but why can’t they say, “Sorry for the trouble, we’ll sort it out for you”. Instead it was suggested that it was my fault for signing up with someone else when I never did!