Bad neighbours

In light of our recent insurance woes I have been thinking about bad neighbours. We have lived in quite a few different houses now and most of our neighbours have been really great. Our last neighbour for instance, was just terrific. I wish he could have moved with us. But the worst neighbours we ever had were next door to our first home in Christchurch, New Zealand where we inadvertently bought next to the Mongrel Mob.

There were around 10 children living at the Mongrel Mob house and they used to throw rubbish over the fence into our yard. They also had a pit bull/Staffordshire bull terrier which they kept chained up in the back yard and on one occasion I saw them kick it. Not long after we moved in their dog broke through the fence and attacked our dogs. I had just arrived home from work and was heavily pregnant (7 months) with Daniel. The pit bull took Freud in his mouth and started to shake him like a puppet. I was on the ground holding both of them, trying to stop it by poking my fingers in the pit bull’s eyes. I’m not sure why I did this. Perhaps being Australian I had learnt as a child that you can poke the eyes of a crocodile or a shark as a defensive measure. In any case it didn’t really do very much and it wasn’t until the ex-fireman down the road, who heard my screams, hit the dog over the head with a rock numerous times that it eventually let go of Freud.

The fireman sat on the dog and held him still until animal control arrived. To cut a very long story short, the police got involved because the ex-fireman’s girlfriend was punched in the face by the teenage daughter from the Mongrel Mob house (I was in hospital at this stage). They never apologised or even offered to fix the fence. Their dog was put down and they never went to visit it a single time before the end. Freud was ok and went on to live for many years after that. The skin had come off my legs and feet as I had been dragged along the bricks but other than that I was fine too. Although I became very wary of this breed of dog.

What’s your bad neighbour horror story?

19 Replies to “Bad neighbours”

  1. I just finished reading about your insurance troubles right before you posted this. That does seem like a very unfun situation.

    Your bad neighbour story out does mine. Although we do have a few stories like one couple who would fight so bad with each other that numerous times we almost had to call the police.

    At this same place people up the hill would always walk past our place and torment our dogs. Even though we kept them tied all the time they were outside they still called animal control on us. They didn’t do anything because they could see where we had our tie and that it was well used. These same people had an old crappy monster style truck that they would drive up and down the driveway right next to our house, reving the engine so loud it would literally shake the walls.

    In the winter they would purposely plow snow into the end of our driveway even if I was standing right out there shovelling it.

    1. What horrible people. They weren’t even next door to you but up the road? Or is that still next door?

      1. Oh good. Nice to know we’re not the only ones who move around all the time 🙂

  2. Wow 🙂

    I have had bad neighbours but nothing like this. You’re a gutsy woman to go on the attack, especially being 7 months pregnant. I’m impressed.

    1. Freud, my dog, was my baby back then. I didn’t think twice about doing everything I could to protect him. I would have done anything just like I would die for my own children now.

  3. This is really awful – and sort of puts the insurance problem into perspective.
    My worst neighbours have just been noisy; as in any night of the week till 4 am sometimes. When I get a bit fed up with my current neighbours, I remember this, and make my peace.
    I hope you can find some sort of solution for your current problem. Maybe your neighbour could take out her own insurance and you could pay the premium?

    1. Noisy music at 4am is not nice. I find that very irritating when I’m trying to sleep. If it’s just every once in a while then that’s ok, but if it’s every other night I think I would go insane 🙂

      Our neighbour does have her own insurance, she just doesn’t want to use it. I have thought about taking out a policy in her name for her house but I’d need to ask her for her date of birth and other personal information and this might not even be legal, I’m not sure. We’re getting a quote for the repairs tomorrow and if it’s not too much it might just be cheaper to expect to pay this every 5-10 years when something goes wrong rather than paying for two insurance policies.

      1. I’m sure you’ll find a way. It has just been an unfortunate start to your new house owning, but things will smooth out 🙂

    2. This reminds me actually of when I worked for a multi-millionaire for a short period. He owned about a dozen houses around the globe and didn’t bother to insure any of them. He said the insurance would have been way more expensive than just paying for the cost of repairs as they came up.

  4. That was an awful neighbour incident with the ferocious dog. I haven’t had any really shocking bad incidents like that.

    I remember hearing about some people in a town house development who were forced by feral neighbours to get rid of their two beloved and small house dogs. I decided to not move into this development because of the neighbours. They were relentless and over several months, made the dog owners’ lives hell until the dogs were gone. I don’t know whether the dogs were put down or a new home found for them. Very sad.

    I’ve only had industrial-strength nosey neighbours who wouldn’t leave me in peace. They were a couple of incredibly fussy and intolerant sisters with nothing better to do than to spend their lives trying to rule our apartment complex. Either my washing had been on the line too long or I had put it out on the wrong day, or I was too noisy (I happen to be very quiet) or I had friends over who always seemed to be doing something they thought was wrong. These women were a constant in my life finding fault and then accosting me at my front door or shoving demanding letters under it. So glad when I moved and they were out of my life.

    1. Being told when you can and can’t hang your washing out is a bit much and I can’t ever imagine you being too noisy. People like that make everyone around them miserable. There should be a law against them 🙂

  5. Bad neighbours must be the worst thing. we rely on home being a place where we can let go and relax at last. I have just finished reading My Brilliant Career and Sybylla’s discomfort at feeling out of place with her host family is very well described.

    1. Good! What did you think of the book? I read it when I was 13 and remembering loving it but sometimes the things we like as teenagers aren’t the same when we’re adults. I’ll have to read it again and see what I think now.

  6. I had this neighbor until early this year. Luckily they were asked to move.

    My garage is obviously next to theirs. My garage is such that it is easy for me to reverse into my garage to park. These guys would park the car in the driveway outside their garage, essentially blocking me from reversing.

    I told them many times that driveway is not to park the car and asked them to either park off street or park in the garage even if they were leaving in ten minutes. But they never listened. One day I asked them yet another time very politely. That angered him and he asked me what is my problem and used f-word in raised voice.

    I very calmly asked him why did he use f-word. That surely irritated him and he just went away shouting something I couldn’t understand.

    Thankfully I no longer had to worry them as their property managers asked them to vacate and rented that house to a friendly neighbor.

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