An old photo

I came across this old photo of Elizabeth and Ben, taken by Ben’s mum just after Elizabeth had turned 2. It’s such a great photo that I wanted to share it again.


Elizabeth is wearing a washable nappy. I thought she was fully toilet trained by the time she was 2 but my memory must be slightly wrong because this photo was taken in January 2012 and she turned 2 on New Year’s Eve 2011.

We used washable nappies 24/7, even on holidays. I had a bit of a cloth nappy obsession for a while there. Ben called it nappy porn. Our kids both used washable nappies and now a friend of ours is using the very same nappies onΒ her baby. Washable nappies for the win!

13 Replies to “An old photo”

  1. My kids used to like holding my hands, and then climbing up my legs until they were virtually upside down, and then flipping over. For some reason, my son remembered this a few days ago and wanted to try and do it. However, as soon as he started, I realised that all that was going to happen is that I would end up dropping him on his head. They do grow up rather fast.

    1. Ah, yes. I know the trick you mean. My kids used to like that too. I hope you didn’t drop your son on his head.

  2. Gorgeous photo. Good to know that the nappies are still being used. Brownie points to you for putting in the extra effort needed when you use them.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy to be upside down! I certainly don’t find it all that pleasant personally.

      I enjoyed using cloth nappies so it really wasn’t an extra effort. It also meant we had more money to spend on other things.

  3. Cute picture – that washable nappy looks totally lovable, which is a strong word for a nappy, but what’s not to love about something that looks so easy to use and saves us from the curse of the disposble?

    1. Exactly! Modern cloth nappies are so easy to use, miles better for the environment, and a lot cheaper in the long run.

  4. Haha…love it! Such a fun photo. I used washable nappies too Rachel, but ‘back in the day’ they were the while, terry cloth ones, none as pretty as these! Nappies have obviously come a long way since my kids were little πŸ™‚

      1. Yep…especially as I didn’t have a washing machine when my eldest son was a baby! Good old Milton sterilising liquid. Ahh…them were the days, ha πŸ™‚

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