Dunnottar Castle

I took Dad to Dunnottar Castle today. I booked the electric car again which I had no problems starting but we couldn’t get the plug out of the charging station. I phoned Co-wheels and they weren’t sure either so they said I could just leave it there and that’s what we did.

I have been to Dunnottar Castle before but it’s the kind of place you can visit many times without getting bored. The castle is old and in ruins now but it’s perched on the top of an imposing and scary-looking cliff above the sea. Humans have lived on the site since 5000BC and the castle itself dates from the 13th century. The history of the stone walls combined with the natural beauty of the environment make it a fabulous place to visit and it’s only 18 miles from Aberdeen.




The guy in this next pic is saying, “How did you get up there?”



This was the castle brewery:



19 Replies to “Dunnottar Castle”

  1. Once again, a couple of beautiful photographs – the brewery and the first 2 of the castle. If that is with your iPhone, I’m impressed.

    It looks cold. Is Scotland usually that cold in May? Although it is an opportunity to wear that lovely coat.

    1. Yes, Scotland is cold for most of the year but never really, really cold in winter. I think daytime temps in summer only get to about 17-18C. The photos were taken with my iPhone but it’s hard not to take a good photo when you have Dunnottar Castle and surrounds in the frame.

      1. That’s true but your compositions are exceptional. I noticed it first with the pictures from your sister’s wedding. You feature foregrounds, recognize interesting lighting, and add perspective. Imagine the picture of the brewery without you father (I think) climbing the stairs. Well done, and keep shooting.

  2. Nice pictures Rachel. Which country does your dad live?

    There will be a day your electric car woes will end 🙂

    1. Dad lives in Australia. I hope the electric car woes will come to an end. I’ve just come to expect it now 🙂

  3. So gorgeous!
    I’m sure your Dad is enjoying.
    And what’s wrong again with these cars? Now that you know how to use them…
    They should hire you to write a troubleshooting manual.

  4. I love the history of the place – 5000 years is a very long time for people to be living there 🙂
    Nice shots and well done with the car! 🙂

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