Baby photos

I started this blog because of the Christchurch earthquakes but many women start blogs as a way to record images of their children. My blog has certainly morphed into that over the years but there’s nothing of my children from before the earthquakes. I realised this yesterday when I went searching for a baby photo of Daniel. So I thought I’d share a baby photo of each them here now.

Here’s Daniel at less than 24 hours old. He was born in Christchurch Women’s hospital in 2007. He was born about 3 hours after my arrival at hospital and despite my pleas for an epidural, no pain relief was forthcoming because there was no anaesthetist around to administer one. This is one of the problems when you live in a developing country 😉 So Daniel entered the world listening to his mother’s foul language. Ben was there and noted that just as Daniel emerged he (Ben) was reminded of Zaphod Beeblebrox, the character with two heads from Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


And here’s Elizabeth at about the same age. She was also born at Christchurch Women’s Hospital but in 2009 and her birth was also very quick (it pays to marry a man shorter than yourself). This time I did get an epidural because I asked for one about, oh, 6 months in advance, I think. Epidurals are the best. I was still able to return home about 3 hours after her birth which is why this photo was taken from home. And I have boobs, as you can see (apologies to my father if he’s reading this who will no doubt be embarrassed by the mention of body parts) but I’m very happy to have my own figure back again.