Rat family in compost

I was doing some gardening this week when I found four baby rats living in our compost bin. Mum was no-where to be found. IMG_0910Their eyes were still closed and the only movements they could manage were little wriggles so I’m guessing they were less than 2 weeks old.

We toyed with the idea of drowning them but neither of us could bring ourselves to do it. So we threw them up the back of the garden with the hope the local cats will end their lives on our behalf. Pathetic, I know. But what other options are there? Suggestions welcome.




8 responses to “Rat family in compost”

  1. Since you are a dedicated animal lover, I suggest that you need to keep them warm in your bed every night, then as they get older they will need to be trained to find food. They also need to be entertained so better buy one of those wheels and they could take turns keeping it moving. With four rats you could think about generating some electricity if you added a small turbine to the rotating wheel.

    1. Great idea! And we could sell the electricity back to the grid!

  2. I’ve found baby rats or mice in my back yard and left them there. I couldn’t bring myself to kill them. Maybe Dolly (my cat) found them and finished them off. Max’s proposal has a lot of merit. I’m half-hoping I’ll find a few rats myself so I can start saving on electricity bills.

  3. Obviously, the mother rat chose that place for its warmth. Pretty smart except you found them. She’s probably frantically looking for them now. I liked Max’s ideas but couldn’t you have just left them in the compost bin, Rach? Life’s tough out there for baby rats.

    1. We also thought what a good place it was – warm, safe from predators, local food source…I couldn’t put them back because I had inadvertently dug them out from below, so they fell out. I suppose I could have thrown them back on top of the pile but we really didn’t want them there.

  4. What a dick move, you cruel asshole.

    1. We had already removed the nest to put on our garden before we saw them – it was our compost and we were using it. Perhaps we could have created a new nest somewhere else but equally, it’s possible the mother found them in the backyard and moved them herself.

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